Discover Luxembourg city & vianden with a local guide

Luxembourg is full of beauty, charm and history.


And we think that the best way to explore the country is on an excursion with a local. Not only you get a chance to see the main attractions but you also get a great possibility to take the unbeaten path and discover hidden gems. And who doesn’t like that?


You want to maximize your time during your visit in Luxembourg city? Our bicycle tours are the best way to do that!

You want to discover to medieval town of Vianden in one day? Then our excursion to Vianden will definitely please you!


But hold on… Don’t just take any tour. Take a tour that is done by passionate local guides, just like we are!


Join us and experience Luxembourg the way locals would do. Not just another tour, but a tour that is created especially for you!

Luxembourg city tour by bicycle


This guided tour shows you the most beautiful sights of the city centre and the picturesque old town during a two-hour bicycle tour! Starting with the 'Place de la constitution', the Adolphe Bridge, the 'Avenue de la Liberté' , the 'Corniche', the Grand-Duchy's Palace and much more. The tour will end with a stunning view on the fortress walls. For this tour you can bring your own bike or rent one from the city self-service bikes*.


*add a 2€ bike rental charge for 24 hours to be paid by credit card on the payment terminal of the city self-service bike station + 2€ for 2 hours rental that will be debited on the credit card provided on the terminal = 4€


Enjoy this 2h-tour for only 35€ for 1 person or 17,50€ per person from 2-6 persons

Excursion to Vianden (by bus & train)


This excursion shows you the most beautiful sights and the picturesque medieval town of Vianden. The excursion starts in Luxembourg city at the main train station. Because it is more ecological (and it takes as long as with the car), we will use the public transportation to get to Vianden where we will discover the castle and the medieval town during a five-hour excursion!

*** Access of the sights (castle, chairlift & 'Victor Hugo House') is included in the price of the excursion ***


Enjoy this 5h-excursion for only 80€ for 1 person, 50€ per person for 2 persons or 40€ per person from 3-10 persons


Please book by sending us an e-mail